Marketing Agents

With 7 years’ experience Presenting Investment Seminars across Aust. & NZ, Leading Marketing speaker Dr Peter of Orbit Futures is well versed in Pre-sale Marketing, in Australia and internationally.

After DA Approval has been received, Orbit Futures Marketing Agents are available for commissioning to attain Pre-sales for Nationwide Property Developments.

Digital media, traditional media, seminars and direct selling techniques are all used to maximum effect, with the objective to attain required pre-sales in the shortest timeframe.

The company’s Marketing agents have some 22 years’ experience in running sales campaigns and Investment Seminars in Australia and NZ and currently expanding into China.

Workshop Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Investor Seminar Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Conjunction Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • On-site Marketing

Social media & Investment Seminars:

Feeder web sites such as Real Estate. Com and Domain .com act as lead generators directing interested parties to the Orbit Futures web site. (

The Orbit Futures web site provides full details of the Projects and shall include up to date details of For Sale availability.

Social Media is maximised as well as SEO strategies by the Orbit Marketing department, using the latest techniques to garner legitimate interest.

Interested parties and their details are then forwarded to our Real estate Agency’s sales team and to upcoming Investment seminars. 

Investment Seminars

Investment Seminars headed by Dr Peter Hubbard are scheduled depending on numbers and location of Investors throughout the East Coast Cities which will include Canberra and Melbourne. Each participant receives a copy of a Performance Book, as their details are captured for future marketing opportunities. 

International Marketing:

The Chinese Investor market is directly targeted through our conjunction agencies in Beijing; Tianjin and Zhengzhou China Listed Development properties will be offered through Orbit Futures conjunction Chines Real Estate agencies directly to their Chinese Investors. The Chinese Investors seek Australian property Investments from our conjunction agencies which are also Chinese agencies providing Australian VISA’s for Chinese citizens.

These agencies offer Orbit Future properties to their Chinese clients as part of the clients requirements to own Australian property as part of their immigration requirement, prior to receiving an Australian VISA.

With 22 years’ experience in Proactive Real Estate Marketing, Orbit Futures is well established in delivering a well-structured Pre-sale model.

On-site displays

If allowing, on-site potential buyers are introduced to the completed Development through a fully furnished, ground floor temporary Display Unit.

With 22 years’ experience in active Real Estate Marketing, Orbit Futures has a well-structured Pre-sale model.