Builders and Project Management

From sourcing promising Development sites, evaluating and attaining Development Approval, then Pro-actively Marketing and Pre-selling the end product to the Australian and Chinese Property market, Orbit Futures controls every project to maximise the return for the investor.

The company’s Building arm has been onsite for 30 years, and we have Project Management experience that has delivered the Development of Resorts and infrastructure worth some $800million in the past 15 year.

Technically advanced homes

Orbit Futures utilizes its position with University technical advisory teams to deliver tomorrow’s technology, ecology, economy, lifestyle, and peace of mind today.

Orbit Futures Homes:

  • Self-sustainable homes that do not require external energy but create, save and use their own power supply.
  • Comfortable homes that keep occupants cool in summer and warm in winter but don’t use power to do so.
  • Smart homes, automotive with intelligence
  • Heathy homes that are healthy, free of toxins, able to breathe, and even create oxygen for healthy occupants
  • Sustainable homes with veggie gardens at your back door, that grow fresh veggies without the need of soil.
  • Integrated waste recycling homes reducing the occupants global impact
  • Beautiful homes architecturally designed with appeal that warms the soul.
  • Solid construction homes built to withstand the changing weather extremes for a hundred years and more.
  • Liveable homes that are designed to easily change as needs change.
  • Future-proof designed homes that are capable to grow as family needs grow.
  • Versatile homes that can be reduced to be multi-usage and generate revenue.
  • Harmonious homes with balanced energy designed to flow with comfort.