About Us

Orbit Futures Pty Ltd was formed in April 1991 by founding member Dennis Mirosevich.

Since its inception, Orbit Futures has broadened the company’s abilities in the Property sector to where it now combines its construction skill with a full suite of supporting Property businesses.

Orbit Futures offers single point of call contact for the numerous property service requirements that may comprise a Client’s needs.

Careful delivery of each property service is paramount in delivering to fruition the client’s multi service requirement.

Orbit Futures is recognised by the Property Market as the ‘One Stop Property Shop’.

Business Opportunities

Orbit Futures is a willing party to JV Partnering of its Development sites or other Property Developers sites.

We also offers our services to professional, self-driven individual service providers being either Real Estate sales agency, Building Company, or Property Development Consulting Firm, in becoming a complete property service provider through partnering with Orbit Futures.

In doing so, Orbit Futures will direct by way of service specific clients and requirements to the individual property service provider which will increase the potential revenue of the party and in doing so distribute the serviceability requirement of Orbit Futures as it grows.